Black and Decker M1850BD Review

Black and Decker M1850BD Review

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Black and Decker M1850BD Miter Saw: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: Black and Decker M1850BD Miter Saw

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What We Like

  • Compact and portable
  • Miter range 0-45° left and right
  • Die-cast aluminum construction

What We Don’t Like

  • No known issues so far

Black and Decker’s M1850BD miter saw is one of the premier hobby miter saws on the market and has even been known to be used in some professional settings.

If your personal workshop is missing a miter saw, it may just be the perfect candidate to fill the void and we’re going to be looking at exactly why that is today.


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Black and Decker M1850BD Miter Saw Review

Black+Decker M1850BD 7-1/4' Compound Miter Saw,

Like the vast majority of Black and Decker’s power tools, the M1850BD miter saw was designed with the average DIYer in mind, which means it is most suited to light to medium tasks. It will give you a smoother and more precise cut in a fraction of the time of a manual saw, which means it will also cut the amount of time you spend working on each project.

Black and Decker first made the M1850BD available online in the autumn of 2016, so it’s still a relatively new product with technology that has not been surpassed by that of more recent competing miter saws.

Who is this product for?

As we mentioned in the previous section, the Black and Decker M1850BD was designed to meet the needs of the average DIYer, which would mean a dedicated hobbyist who has prior experience with power tools.

If you have only recently embarked upon your woodworking journey and have not used a miter saw in the past, we suggest going with a more basic model that can serve as your starter saw until you feel you are ready to move up to the M1850BD.

What’s included?

Budget power tools don’t always come with accessories, but Black and Decker has long been about customer satisfaction, which is why it includes a couple of handy add-ons with each purchase of its M1850BD. Should you decide to go with the Black and Decker M1850BD over the other miter saws in its price range, you will receive a free dust bag and blade wrench to simplify the operation of the saw.

You’ll also get a comprehensive manual, which will walk you through the ins and outs of the tool to help you avoid common mistakes made by other first-time users of the product.

Overview of features

The popularity of the Black and Decker M1850BD among hobbyists has a lot to do with its reasonable price, but it can also be traced back to the saw’s many features. One of the most impressive of those features is the saw’s 9.0 amp ball bearing motor, which makes for a power output that far exceeds its price tag.

To further the versatility of this miter saw, Black and Decker’s design team fitted it with nine positive stops, giving it a range of 0-45 degrees left and right. Each of the M1850BD’s nine stops is the result of careful research conducted by the manufacturer in order to establish the most common cutting positions among DIYers and professionals alike.


The Black and Decker M1850BD is certainly a lot more straightforward than some of the other miter saws on the market today, but it nonetheless requires careful study before you can begin using it.

The aforementioned manual which comes included with the saw will help you master the tool, but if you prefer to learn by watching as opposed to reading you’ll appreciate the below video.


The Black and Decker M1850BD generally goes for a little less than $100, which is a pretty good price considering its high performance an abundance of features. That being said, we understand that not everybody has $100 to dedicate to their hobby (and not all those that do want to).

If you have neither the budget nor the need for the Black and Decker M1850BD, we recommend going with the Evolution R210-CMS. The R210-CMS is one of Evolution Power Tools’ most popular products and is arguably the very best miter saw for novices on the market.

The Evolution R210-CMS promises the level of control a power tool newbie requires and will guide you towards clear cuts commonly only attained by seasoned veterans and professionals.

With its multi-purpose technology, the Evolution R210-CMS can be used to cut metal, wood, plastic, and even tile, so you won’t have to worry about upgrading to a more expensive miter saw when the time comes for you to take on more complicated jobs.


If you aren’t a professional tradesperson but consider yourself more than a hobbyist, the Black and Decker M1850BD may be the perfect miter saw for you.

Like most of Black and Decker’s products, the M1850BD takes many of the features and specifications of professional-grade alternatives and makes them available for a fraction of the price, thereby giving the dedicated DIYer everything they need to advance their skill set and hang with the pros.