Black & Decker BDEJS600C Jig Saw Review

Black & Decker BDEJS600C Jig Saw Review

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Black & Decker BDEJS600C Jig Saw: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: Black & Decker BDEJS600C Jig Saw

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What We Like

  • Curve Control technology
  • Dust blower
  • Keyless blade clamp for tool-free blade change

What We Don’t Like

  • No known issues so far

You are looking into the best jig saw you can buy on a budget. But, you unsure about the quality of those jig saws. There is no rule that says inexpensive is bad.

In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised at how well jig saws at the lower end of the price range perform. And, what’s more important is that you find a jig saw that meets your woodworking needs. Not how much you paid for it.


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Black & Decker BDEJS600C Jig Saw Review

BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, 5-Amp, 3,000 Blade Speed, 45 Degree Beveled Cuts, ¾-Inch Orbital Blade, 4 Curve Settings, Corded (BDEJS600C)

Black & Decker has made an appearance in your home for years. As a recognized household name, they inspire consumer trust for providing good household appliances and electronics at reasonable prices.

This also applies to their power tools. The Black & Decker BDEJS600C model jig saw provides everything you need for your precise woodworking needs.

Who is this product for?

This product will appeal to the home-owning DIYer or weekend woodworking hobbyist. It’s not a workhorse. So, commercial use is probably not a good idea. But, you can do light woodworking jobs without a hitch.

It is also good for any newcomer to the power tool family. The BDEJS600C is user-friendly for the average consumer. So, you don’t need to be a master carpenter to get the most out of this jig saw.

What’s included?

This is a basic model, so the only thing you receive is the BDEJS600C jig saw and a blade. You don’t need a separate power source such as batteries or a charger because it is a corded saw.

Overview of features

The BDEJS600C model from Black & Decker comes with all the basic features you need to get your woodworking projects done. It has a 5-amp motor that can get up to 3000spm.

In addition, this jig saw also has Curve Control technology. This feature helps you adjust the saw’s orbit, and has four customized settings to choose from. If your project calls for bevel cuts, this jig saw can do that too. This jig saw can bevel in both directions up to 45 degrees. It also has an adjustable shoe to provide more stability for your cutting platform.

Next, along with precision, the BDEJS600C offers a comfortable grip. It also absorbs some of the vibrations. So, you can easily use it for longer periods of time without feeling tired.

And, like many newer jig saws this one also has tool-free blade change. In addition, unlike many other jig saws, this one accepts both U and T shank blades. This jig saw also has a dust collection system. But, it’s less a “system,” and more of a port for a vacuum attachment with small vents in the front. Whether or not you actually use an attachment with this doesn’t seem to make much difference.

Lastly, for better precision in your cuts there is an improved Wire Guard that offers you a clear sight of your cut line. But, remember that it doesn’t have a trigger guard or protection. So, you need to be careful how you handle it when it is plugged into an outlet.


If you’re not sold on the Black & Decker BDEJS600C model, however, there is another one you can check out. This JS670V model is a little more expensive. But, it also has more features.

The JS670V has Line Finder that lights up your cut line. It also has Smart Select that automatically sets up your optimal orbital setting after picking a task on the dial. Additionally, for your convenience, it also has storage for your blades on the unit.

You can also look at Skil’s 4495-02 jig saw. Skil is known for producing sturdy and dependable power tools. This one features a 6-amp motor with orbital action laser. But, minimal vibration comes up from the handle, so you can comfortably use it for longer periods of time. It even comes equipped with a laser guide for more precision and accuracy.

It’s very user-friendly, and perfect for weekend woodworkers. So, if you are searching for high-end quality on a low-end budget this is also a jig saw worthy of consideration.


Lower price doesn’t necessarily mean lower quality. The Black & Decker BDEJS600C is proof of that. However, is it the best jig saw for you? First, consider what you will be using your jig saw for. Next, think about what features are essential for your projects. And, lastly think about whether the BDEJS600C model has all the essentials you are looking for.

You probably answered positively for all those queries because it does have all the basic features you need to do light woodworking without sacrificing the accuracy and precision you want in your work piece. And, even better, you would get a quality jig saw while still staying within budget.