Bosch JS470E Jig Saw Review

Bosch JS470E Jig Saw Review

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Review of: Bosch JS470E Jig Saw

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What We Like

  • Tool-less blade-change system
  • Four orbital-action settings
  • Low-vibration design enhances accuracy

What We Don’t Like

  • No known issues so far

You’re looking for a mid to higher-end jig saw but there are so many options. So, you go with a trusted brand. One with the reputation for delivering quality with each new design.


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Bosch JS470E Jig Saw Review


The Bosch name specializes in quality and innovation across different fields of expertise. Their line of power tools is just one of them. The JS470E is a combination of industrial durability and pinpoint accuracy.

Who is this product for?

The Bosch JS470E is for someone who is very particular about their power tools. It is very powerful. And, very precise. So, it’s the best jig saw for a person who is meticulous about details.

It is the perfect jig saw for home projects. But, you can also bring it on the job site if you are a master carpenter.

What’s included?

This is a corded jig saw. So, you don’t have to worry about battery packs or chargers. However, you do need a power outlet to use it.

It comes with the necessary hardware needed to start straight out of the box. This includes a blade, one anti-splinter insert, a bevel wrench, and a no-mar overshoe. Additionally, the jig saw also comes in a durable plastic carrying case.

Overview of features

The JS470E model has a 7.0 AMP motor and can reach impressive no load SMP ranges from 500 to 3100. It also has a maximum 60 hertz. Additionally, this jig saw has a range of material applications. It can cut wood up to 5 7/8”. Correspondingly, it cuts mild steel up to 3/8” and aluminum at a maximum 7/8”. And, you can be confident of precision and accuracy with this saw’s Constant Response Circuitry for consistent blade response.

It also has adjustable orbital-action settings. You can adjust it between four different settings to find the right blade strokes for your work piece. The jig saw is relatively comfortable to use, too. The low-vibration plunging system makes it very smooth to operate. And, it also enhances your accuracy when you use it.

For your ease, it also features an ambidextrous lock-on button. And, there is a dust blower that is adjustable to keep your cutting line clear. Additionally, it has a die-cast steel inserted foot that can withstand drops and tumbles. And, just like many newer jig saws on the market, the JS470E features a tool-less blade change system. This makes it simpler to change out blades as you need them. But, it is sometimes at the expense of performance due to design issues.

And unfortunately, not all products are perfect. And Bosch’s JS470E is no exception. The lack of LED light makes it difficult for precision work. Your accuracy may also suffer because the key-less blade change pushes the blade under the structure. This means that it’s hard to see the cut line while you are working. If you need to see the cut line as you work, this may not be the best jig saw for you.

Furthermore, this is not a lightweight power tool. But, coupling the awkward width of the handle and the weight makes it difficult to hold onto comfortably for any length of time.


Now, if you want a Bosch but don’t like one of the features of the JS470E model, there are other models that are just as good. For example, the JS470EB is another model Bosch offers. It’s almost identical to the JS470E model except it has a barrel handle. This is great if you like the features of the JS470B but would prefer a different handle.

If you were concerned about the heavy weight of the Bosch JS470E, you could also try the Ryobi P5231. This jig saw is comparatively lighter than the Bosch model at 4.4 pounds versus the Bosch JS470E’s 10.1 pounds. It also has a few extra features like an LED light, is cordless, and is part of the Ryobi One+ line of power tools.

Whether the Bosch, Ryobi, or another brand not mentioned is the best jig saw for you, really depends on your priorities in your tools. One person’s deal-breaker can be another one’s compromise.


Narrowing down what you need from a jig saw can be a challenge. You may not get every feature you want. But, you can prioritize the ones you absolutely need. The best jig saw for you will be the one that meets or exceeds all your prioritized features. You want to get the best price for the highest quality. But just remember, a higher price tag doesn’t always equal higher quality.

The Bosch JS470E is a high-quality jig saw packed with features that are important for precision craftsmen. It has enough power to see you through any project you need it for. And, it’s durable enough to be in your power tool line-up for a long time.